Farbest Foods Response to COVID-19

To the Farbest Family and Community,

Thank you for your tireless dedication and commitment to our company during a time of great uncertainty. We have the awesome responsibility of supplying the world a quality source of protein, and we proudly own that responsibility. Because of the nature of our business, we fall into the category of “Essential Business Functions” according to the United States government and as a result, shall remain in production in every aspect during the COVID-19 pandemic. Importantly, all of our supply chain vendors, farm families who grow our turkeys, employees in the processing plants, feed mills, and farms, as well as our customers, remain devoted to feeding the world during unprecedented times such as these.

We continue to take necessary steps to protect the health and well-being of these groups and our employees, and we fully expect to take further steps as they are needed.  In addition to the standard daily sanitizing of our facilities, we have implemented additional measures that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Increasing monitoring at the manufacturing plants by inquiring about general health, taking temperatures for those who volunteer (those with temperatures over 100 degrees or other symptoms will be sent home without penalty), and appropriately spacing out employees during entry/exit
  • Emphasizing social distancing with suspension of all non-essential meetings and increased seating options in break rooms and cafeterias
  • Additional sanitizing of common areas such as cafeterias, break rooms, restrooms, locker rooms, and vending machines every two hours
  • Immediate halt to non-essential commuting between our many facilities
  • Implementing “telemedicine” as quickly as possible for all employees

Please trust that we are looking at all options to further improve the health and safety of our workforce. It is everyone’s duty to use social distancing behaviors and best hygiene practices in order to keep our families, friends, and team members safe. The situation is ever-changing, which is why we must be flexible to adapt if the need arises.

Above all, if you do not feel well, please stay at home.  If you feel a shortness of breath or you have a fever and/or cough, stay at home.  You may have questions about COVID-19 or the policies and procedures of Farbest during this time, and we encourage you to call Human Resources at (812) 683-4200, Ext. 3133. One of our team members would be more than willing to help.

Our People will always be our first priority. We will monitor the situation daily with the utmost care and attention. Again, thanks to all for upholding the high standards of Farbest amidst a global crisis. Together, we will continue to feed the world!


Ted J. Seger
Farbest Foods, Inc.

Avian Flu Detected in Southwest Indiana

HUNTINGBURG, Ind. – As a result of ongoing screening and surveillance testing for avian influenza and other poultry diseases in turkey flocks, according to National Poultry Improvement Plan protocols, a form of High Pathogenic Avian Influenza H7N8 (HPAI) has been detected in turkeys located in Dubois County. This is the first finding of HPAI in commercial turkeys in the state of Indiana.

Farbest Farms, Inc. and the turkey industry are working closely with state and federal officials to keep the public informed and to be sure the best possible steps are being taken to protect the public and animal health. Federal and state officials will be working jointly on additional surveillance and testing in the nearby area, following the existing avian influenza response plan for Indiana.

Samples from the affected flock were tested initially be Farbest Farms, Inc., then confirmatory testing was done by the Avian Diagnostic Lab at Purdue University. Those findings have been confirmed by the APHIS National Veterinary Services Laboratories in Ames, Iowa. APHIS and the Indiana State Board of Animal Health have initiated the incident command response, and APHIS will assist in depopulating the remaining birds on the farm to prevent the spread of the disease. Birds from the affected flock have not and will not enter the food system.

Farbest Farms can assure the public there has been no impact on the safety of our food products. The Center for Disease Control considers the risk to people from the HPAI H7N8 infection to be low. The quick detection by our surveillance protocol has worked as intended and will help protect our flocks and keep our food safe.

For more information about the ongoing avian influenza disease incident in the United States, visit the APHIS website at and/or contact Denise Derrer at the Indiana Board of Animal Health at 317-544-2414.

Production Begins December Ninth: Farbest Foods Vincennes Processing Plant

Vincennes, IN - Production begins December 9 at the new Farbest Foods Vincennes turkey processing plant. Officials and guests ushered in the opening Dec. 2 with (l-r) Farbest Foods President Ted Seger, IN Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann, and Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum.
Vincennes, IN – Production begins December 9 at the new Farbest Foods Vincennes turkey processing plant. Officials and guests ushered in the opening Dec. 2 with (l-r) Farbest Foods President Ted Seger, IN Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann, and Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum.

Vincennes, Ind. – A month ahead of schedule and right on budget, officials cut the ribbon on Monday at Farbest Foods’ new turkey processing plant in the Vincennes Industrial Park.

At the event, Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann, Farbest Foods president Ted Seger and Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum made remarks before the ribbon-cutting, which was followed by interviews with the media and tours of the new plant.

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Groundbreaking: New Farbest Foods Turkey Processing Plant in Vincennes Industrial Park

Vincennes, Ind. – They were already moving dirt in the Vincennes Industrial Park for a new Farbest Foods turkey processing plant as company officials, Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum and Governor Mitch Daniels attended a groundbreaking ceremony today to welcome the new facility and what it will bring to the region.

Farbest Foods, Inc. announced last December that plans were set for building the 227,000 square foot processing plant in Vincennes as well as a new feed mill nearby.

Expected to begin production in January 2014, the new plant will initially employ 360 people and has the potential of adding significantly more employees with a second shift.

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Farbest Foods Announces New Processing Plant in Vincennes

Huntingburg, Ind. – Farbest Foods, Inc., will soon break ground for a new turkey processing plant in the U.S. Highway 41 Industrial Park in Vincennes, IN. Projected completion date is 2014.

Once up and running, the new processing plant will initially employ some 300 people with the potential of employing as many as 700, Farbest Foods reports. In addition, the company is planning the construction of a new feed mill that will have the potential to employ up to 30.

A family-owned operation since 1982, Farbest Foods – based in Huntingburg — is one of the largest turkey companies in the United States. Farbest supplies more than a million pounds of raw fresh and frozen turkey products per day to further processors who prepare and package their own brand-name foods.

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