Welcome to Farbest Foods, Inc.

Farbest Foods is one of the largest turkey companies in the United States and a respected leader in the industry. We supply raw fresh and frozen turkey products to brand-name value added further processors around the world.

Because of our ongoing commitment to reliability, customer service and product quality, Farbest has many long-standing customer relationships.

Our willingness and ability to react and adapt to changing customer needs – and our commitment to provide employees with a modern, efficient and healthy workplace – also has played a key role in Farbest Foods’ position as a leading producer of high-grade turkey products.

Farbest Facilities Mean Quality Assurance


Farbest Foods, Inc.

Farbest Foods is one of the largest turkey companies in the country by volume. Because we continually invest in updating and adapting operations in our processing plants, automation and technology at Farbest Foods represent the most advanced turkey processing practices in the industry.


JFS Milling, Inc

One of the factors that ensures the health and proper growth of Farbest turkeys is the fresh turkey feed produced daily at Farbest’s two JFS milling operations. The feed is trucked each day to our contract growers and brooder hubs.


Farbest Farms

This operation works under stringent guidelines in overseeing the growth of nearly 15 million turkeys per year through more than 200 contract growers and an increasing number of brooder hubs in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.


Farbest Foods Distribution

Our closely-managed distribution centers ship up to two million pounds of fresh and frozen turkey product each day to domestic and foreign markets.