Farbest Farms

This operation works under stringent guidelines in overseeing the growth of nearly 15 million turkeys per year through more than 200 contract growers and an increasing number of brooder hubs in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

More than 50 of Farbest Farms’ contract turkey growers and a number of new brooder hubs have been added to the Farbest Farms family in the past few years to meet growing demand for our products. Computer-controlled, tunnel-ventilated grow-out houses ensure the best environment for our turkeys and assist in providing a consistent supply of healthy, live turkeys for processing at our two Farbest Foods processing plants.

The Farbest Farms team works to ensure that best care management practices are followed in every facet of the growing operations including farm safety and security, biosecurity, environmental management and animal welfare.

To meet and sustain quality and health standards, our flock supervisors and office staff assist and oversee growers in a variety of areas:

  • Building and equipment setup
  • Securing poults from outside sources
  • Brooding turkeys
  • Growing turkeys
  • Litter management
  • Feed orders
  • Flock settlements
  • Bird health programs