JFS Milling

One of the factors that ensures the health and proper growth of Farbest turkeys is the fresh turkey feed produced daily at Farbest’s two JFS milling operations. The feed is trucked each day to our contract growers and brooder hubs.

Throughout its lifespan, a Farbest Farms turkey eats only freshly-milled feed made from locally-grown corn and grains at our two feed mills.

JFS Milling Dubois, located near our Huntingburg plant, and JFS Milling Bruceville, situated close to our Vincennes plant, produce a total of 750,000 tons of fresh, pelleted turkey feed each year.

Our feed mills, owned and operated by Farbest Foods, house the latest production technology and a fully-automated assessment system that monitors nutritional quality, feed texture, feed dispatch and delivery, and facility maintenance needs.

Farbest is happy to work with local farmers in procuring the corn and other grains needed to produce our high-quality feed. We’re also glad for the opportunity to employ local truck drivers who deliver the fresh feed every day to Farbest turkey growers and brooder hubs throughout a three-state region.